Family Law

In sensitive and complex family affairs, we handle anything.

Southern California’s most prominent professionals – global leaders in business, arts, real estate, and media – along with parents and homemakers in need of legal support trust the Elkins Kalt family law attorneys to help in recognizing and analyzing their concerns and developing the best path forward to reach responsible resolutions. Our team has handled some of California’s most complex and publicized cases with unmatched skill and the utmost discretion for and protection of privacy.

Our family law attorneys are trusted not only by our clients, but California judges, lawyers and academia for our deep knowledge of the state’s family law and appeals process. Our Family Law practice benefits not only from the intellect and experience of the attorneys within it, but from the entire Elkins Kalt team of tax, estate, wealth transfer, corporate, and real estate attorneys. Together, our team takes command of each family law case to work through the division of properties, businesses, and debts that are commonplace in divorce and custody disputes.

We are highly communicative and honest in our work with clients. Though settlement is the goal (and we are experienced and focused negotiators), as some of California’s toughest and most successful litigators, we will not back down if a case or issue within it must be litigated. We speak for our clients in an informed, respectful, and professional manner.

In the event a writ or appeal is necessary, our attorneys have earned an unparalleled reputation in our ability to analyze the advisability of such actions, and where the decision is made to pursue a review, we use our proficiency in legal analysis, persuasive arguments, and clear writing to succeed.

We know every individual’s situation is unique, as is the proper strategy and solution for each client. Elkins Kalt’s Family Law partners have substantial experience representing clients in their family matters with sophistication and skill – all in the name of helping our clients achieve optimal results and rebuild their lives. We are committed to excellence, professionalism, and integrity above all.