Wealth Transfer & Personal Planning

Let’s build a holistic, efficient plan for your wealth and family’s future.

The Elkins Kalt team has a masterful understanding of federal and local laws that govern estates and the transfer of assets during life and upon an individual’s death. We guide clients and their loved ones to honor the time, energy and sacrifices that created their wealth and ensure a seamless transfer to the next generation, at minimal tax cost.

California law is uniquely cumbersome with respect to asset transfers at death. If a California resident dies without a will or a legal plan in place, the state distributes property according to a statutory schedule of recipients through a delayed, time-consuming, confusing, and costly probate process. Moreover, federal law can potentially impose an onerous transfer tax. Proper wealth planning is critical, particularly for those of high- or ultra high-net-worth and substantial assets, or a large share of the estate may be lost to tax. We assist our clients through property and income tax planning, planning for incapacity, asset protection, beneficiary and fiduciary guidance, and work through various other life matters while minimizing or eliminating potential conflicts or disputes. Numerous options are on the table, and we counsel clients on the best ways to take advantage of exclusions and exemptions to transfer assets with economic efficiency.

During planning, we consider all the pieces of one’s life’s puzzle – property ownership, businesses, investments, and income – and implement strategies to transfer assets to designated beneficiaries and, in some cases, achieve charitable goals. Through various techniques – gifts, family partnerships, trusts, and more – we build a wealth transfer plan that is tailored to each individual and the best interests of her or his family and beneficiaries. And under our own roof, wealth transfer clients have access to a full team of attorneys specializing in real estate, tax, finance, and corporate matters to ensure we are considering all aspects of each life.

We view estate and wealth planning not as a one-time meeting, but a lifelong process – building strategies that evolve with our clients’ changing needs, goals and priorities.